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WPMU LDAP Plugin v1.0.2 v1.1.0

Monday, May 21st, 2007

This has been replaced by a later version. Check the “WPMU-LDAP” category to find the latest version.

Well, at work I’ve successfully installed and released a version of WPMU, making use of the nice WPMU LDAP plugin. A good deal of people before me have worked on this, sometimes with several instances of individual releases, and I’m quite grateful to all of them for the code. My life is significantly easier because of this. Now it’s my turn to contribute, so here it is: the WPMU LDAP Plugin, v1.1.0. Cheers!

I’ve sent my changes to Alex Barker, the maintainer of the site for the plugin, and hopefully things will get posted appropriately.

News and changes in this release from the last one published by Alex:

  • Moved the options panel to be a sub-menu of Site Admin (since they’re site-wide settings)
  • The CSS for the LDAP options is now properly referenced
  • Added options to disable public signup, with a customizable message (kinda hack-y right now)
  • Added a good deal of documentation and in-code commenting
  • Heavy refactoring of the code for cleaner organization and maintenance
  • Released it under the LGPL (after contacting the original developers to make sure it was okay)
  • Minor changes to error messages

I have not touched ldap_core.php or ldap_ro.php… basically the only work I’ve done is with the “glue” code and documentation.

I’m in process of applying for a SourceForge project for the plugin, so that there’s a public repository for the code, project mgmt features, etc. Just a starting place, but I think it will be good.

Anyway, more news to be posted as it comes.


Update (2007-05-24::13:05 EDT): I’ve found out that this version is not immediately friendly to PHP 4. This is fixed in v1.1.1.
Update (2007-05-24::18:16 EDT): This should have been released as v1.1.0 from the start (I wasn’t thinking at the time). The updates reflect this.


Friday, May 4th, 2007

I’ve been working with the WPMU LDAP plugin recently, trying to configure it to make it work with WPMU 1.2.1 for our needs. It’s been a lesson in working with others’ code without coding guidelines. ;)

It more or less worked right out of the box, but there have been a lot of “weird” things I’ve found in the code, that really reflect the code’s legacy as a series of “Make it work for me” patches. Hard-coded user names, comments like “just guessing what this does as there is NO DOCUMENTATION”, and multi-hundred line functions make me roll my eyes and chuckle. :)

So I’ve been rolling up my sleeves and diving into the code, doing some refactoring, clarifying, and commenting. I hope I’ve got it right, but hopefully others that came before me will correct me if I’m wrong. I think I’m going to see about contacting the current steward of the code (of sorts) to see what can be done about managing this code… I know I’m not the only one that has an interest in using LDAP for WPMU logins.