Sean Wedig is a self-proclaimed “codesmith”:

codesmithn. /ˈkoʊdˌsmɪθ/

  1. An expert in the use of code
  2. A person, as a programmer or web-developer, whose vocation is the creation or maintenance of computer software

Now, you can make your own Sean at home! To make Sean, you will need:

  • One (1) Catholic upbringing
  • One (1) Small River Town
  • Two (2) parts geek
  • One (1) part laid-back
  • One (1) part eccentric
  • One (1) Computer Science degree
  • Musical and Philosophical interests, to taste
  • One (1) Corporate Culture
  • One (1) Academic Environment


Combine upbringing, geek, laid-back, and eccentric in small river town and stir. Let age 17 years.

Spice it Up! Optional Steps: While aging, add healthy doses of Community Theater to really bring out the geek and eccentric flavors. Splashes of most niche sub-cultures often work well, too.

Remove from small town, pat dry.

Add musical and philosophical interests to taste while kneading in Computer Science degree. To voluntarily expand education and interests, knead a little bit longer, then remove. You’ll know it’s done by its silky, suave texture.

Throw into corporate culture, stir and let settle. Later, toss gently with academic environment, and again let settle.

Serve chill.