WPMU-LDAP Plugin, v.1.3.0

I’m really pleased to announce the release of the WPMU LDAP Authentication Plugin, version 1.3.0. It was delayed a few times, and slipped ever so slightly, but it’s now out for the world to enjoy. So, um, enjoy it. :)

This release is more interesting and significant in that it’s the first one where there’s been direct collaboration with outside developers. Since I’ve taken over the project and placed it in SourceForge, I’ve had very little contact with others interested in working on the plugin. Recently, though, Aaron Axelsen has contributed a large amount of code to the project, and basically all the significant new features of 1.3.0 are a result of his efforts. Props to Aaron for that! If he wasn’t so interested and dedicated, this release probably wouldn’t have happened. Hopefully, others will follow, and this plugin can only continue to improve.

On that same note, we’ve been working out some kinks in how we’re doing development on the plugin, and we’re hoping to streamline things a little more. My hope is that releases will more closely follow WPMU’s releases, so that people can upgrade quickly, and the plugin remains compatible. We probably won’t be 0-day releases, but hopefully we can aim for a week or leff after WPMU releases…

Anyway, dreaming aside, this is a nice update to the plugin that addresses some outstanding issues and requests. I hope it works well for everyone!


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  1. geoffreykobrien Says:

    I have a question. I have a ton of local, non-admin users. I want to migrate to LDAP auth, and wanted to know if there was anyway to have it check for a local account before checking the ldap? I can get the ldap to work if there isn’t a local account of the same name, but not able to get the non-admin accounts to login if their username exists in ldap. Thoughts?

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